Archival Page of Prism Week 2021


Prism Week is a week-long diversity and inclusion event for the Optical Science & Engineering Community at the University of Arizona. It will be held during the week of February 8th in order to coincide with International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It focuses on different identities and issues each day, such as physical and mental health, uncommon socio-economic backgrounds, racial minorities, women and other gender minorities, and LGBTQ+. These celebrations will be carried out over Zoom in the form of panels, presentations, and group discussions. Special “care packages” will be distrubuted to participants with informational materials on diversity and inclusion, as well as lists of helpful resources available on the university campus. Additionally, these care packages will include a few swag items, including hand sanitizers, Prism Week stickers, snacks, and more.

Event Schedule

Mental & Physical Health

Monday February 08, 2021
From 11:15am MT to 12:15pm MT
By Disability and Resource Center

On Monday, we focus on the physical and mental health of our community. The Disability Resource Center will give a presentation on the resources available to students. Monday will also feature a tutorial on how to monitor your mental health. The event will conclude with a guided mental health check-in and group discussion.

Disability Resource Center
Presentation by Addison Calkins 

All Paths Lead to Optics

Tuesday February 09, 2021 
From 11:15am MT to 12:15pm MT
By First Cats | Thrive Center

Tuesday celebrates the long paths that some of us have taken to study optics at OSC. We highlight international and first-generation students, as well as those from uncommon socio-economic backgrounds with a panel. The panelists come from these backgrounds and will discuss their journeys into optics!

First Cats | First Generation Student Campus Community

Racial Diversity in Optics

Wednesday February 10, 2021   
From 11:15am MT to 12:15pm MT
By WiO

Wednesday, we highlight the members of our community that come from diverse racial backgrounds. Also, In order to combat racism both intentional AND unintentional, WiO will lead an educational presentation on how allies can best support these members of our community.

Presentation by Shelbi Jenkins

Women & LGBTQIA+

Thursday February 11, 2021 
From 11:15am MT to 12:15pm MT
By WiO

For International Women and Girls in STEM Day, we will hold a panel to celebrate those in STEM who identify as women, other gender minorities, or as LGBTQ+. We will hear their journey into STEM and the obstacles they have faced along the way, as well as discuss how all of us can support these members of our community and make a change for the better.

Inclusion Celebration

Friday February 12, 2021 
From 11:15am MT to 12:15pm MT
By WiO

To end our diversity celebration, we want to bring everyone together for a fun and creative social activity! Join your peers for some casual chatting while decorating your own mask. Masks and decorative paints provided by WiO!